The Beauty of UluRx

You hold the keys to look, feel, be the ultimate.
That’s the Ulu way.


Your prescription.
Signed, Sealed, & delivered to your door.



Beeline to radiant skin, healthy hair, and bright eyes. The beauty of UluRx is ease.

Get on-demand expertise from a licensed healthcare professional with the power to pen the right prescription for you.

The products you need ship directly to you. The only time you have to leave the house is to show off the new you!



Our Beliefs

We believe direct is the best way to be.

We don’t flirt with finding a solution. We get right to it.
With our team of medical experts on demand, we’ll put you on the path to the right products for you.

We believe our liabilities are our assets.

For years, our founder Melanie Elaine has helped countless women on their journey to feeling and looking their best.
She started by co-creating Regrow — a daily supplement to improve hair, skin, and nails — and isn’t stopping there.

“Before I jumped in with two feet into the world of prescription-strength beauty, I was in a stressful profession. I was head-to-toe stressed, and I had the thinning hair to prove it. In my search for a solution, I soon discovered the one for me was not yet on the market. So I rolled up my sleeves, collaborated with a compounding pharmacist, and together we landed on our very own solution. And that’s what it’s all about: Using what we are given as the launchpad to becoming who we want to be. But we did not stop there and added skin solutions for glowing, fresh skin using proven collagen building ingredients for face and body. Our customized eye cream completes the regimen.”
– Melanie Elaine

We believe there’s always room to grow.

We don’t just mean stronger hair and glowing skin. We believe that, out of the box, each of us is perfect. We came that way.
But we also believe in the possibility that we can be stronger, healthier, and happier.
It’s our birthright. Ready to make a change for the better? Join us!
The more on this journey to our ultimate us, the better.

Think of UluRx as your sidekick.

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