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Today we’re going to talk about Biotin, which is B7, and some of the pros and cons. 

How much should you take daily?

300 micrograms. 

What are some of the issues?

Some people face stomach upset or breakouts with B7. Also, if you are getting medical tests, it can cause the test results to be wonky. So be sure to tell your doctor you’re taking it.

B7 and B5 are essential. B5 makes sure you don’t break out and B7 is what we need for hair growth and other functions.

So here’s how breakouts can happen.

B5 and B7 have the same receptor in the intestine. They’re both knocking on the same door trying to get in. When you bombard yourself with massive doses of B7, very little to no B5 gets in. That’s what causes breakouts. Don’t stop taking B5 or B7. Just please make sure you take it in a synergistic formula, so they are balanced out and are less likely to cause ill effects.