Which Vitamin Deficiencies Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a common problem that can be caused by a variety of factors, including vitamin deficiencies. In this blog, we will explore which specific vitamin deficiencies can cause hair loss, as well as how to prevent and treat these deficiencies. One of the most common vitamin deficiencies that can lead to hair loss …

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Causes of Alopecia

In some cases, hair loss may occur with a simple halt in the cycle of hair growth. Major illnesses, surgeries, or traumatic events can trigger hair loss. However, your hair will usually start growing back without treatment. Hormonal changes can cause temporary hair loss. Examples include: pregnancy childbirth  discontinuing the use of birth control pills menopause …

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What is melasma? What is hyperpigmentation?

Do you know what melasma and hyperpigmentation are? These two terms, while similar and both extremely common, are not interchangeable! Hyperpigmentation is an umbrella term that describes skin conditions where areas of the skin are darker than the natural skin tone due to excess pigment. Causes include acne, medications, or inflammation from other conditions, but the main …

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