Hair Wellness

Hair is an indicator of your overall wellness. Has your hair has changed dramatically? Are you experiencing more hair fall or hair loss? Has your hair texture changed? Does it take less time to style your hair?  Most of the time it’s your nutrition. Sometimes it is stress. It could be a combination of factors. …

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Biotin For Hair Loss

Today we’re going to talk about Biotin, which is B7, and some of the pros and cons.  How much should you take daily? 300 micrograms.  What are some of the issues? Some people face stomach upset or breakouts with B7. Also, if you are getting medical tests, it can cause the test results to be …

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Meditate or Relax

staying physically fit is important. But staying mentally strong is just as, if not more important. Mind and body exercises are a great way to wind down after a long and exhausting day. A calm mind will help you sleep better, reduce anxiety, and can help prevent depression. No matter if it’s reading before bed, …

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