Celebrity Hair Loss. How they Cope.

Dolly Parton. Viola Davis. Naomi Campbell. Rosie O’Donnel. Billy Joel, Tyra Banks. Wendy Williams. Alyssa Milano, and Jada Pinkett Smith, just to name a few.

Let all of these names sink in. These well-known celebrities suffer from hair loss. Do you know what makes their journeys stand out? They’ve learned to accept this new part of their lives and embrace their beauty.

Rosie O'Donnel
Rosie O’Donnel

Rosie O’Donnell revealed her battle with hair loss on Twitter with a makeup-free photo showing off her bald spots. The comedian revealed that her hair loss was caused by aging. “Aging is fun,” she tweeted. -Nick Swift

Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton

“I used to try to keep my own hair teased as big as I like it, and having the bleach and all of that, it just broke off,” she said during the show’s instructional segment, “How to Make a Great Dolly Parton Wig.” The Jolene singer then elaborated, “I thought, ‘Why am I going through all that? Why don’t I just wear wigs?’ That way, I never have a bad hair day. I have a big hair day, but not a bad hair day.” –Nick Swift

Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell

One of Naomi Campbell’s most famous attributes is her long, straight mane of hair. But the supermodel has also spoken out about how wearing extensions damaged her hair over the years and contributed to scalp baldness. “I do take more care of my hair now because I lost all of it with extensions,” Naomi reported that eventually, she grew it back. “I am more careful and I do different things.” -Nicki Swift

Yup. You heard it here first. Hair loss is common and realistic. If you’re suffering from thinning hair or hair loss, you’re not alone. We at UluRx want you to feel seen and this celebrity reality check is a great start. 

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