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It’s the stuff of nightmares for some people. It’s being stuck in a cave for some. For others, it’s wearing nothing but your underwear in public. The worry of losing our hair is one that most older folks share. In a society where long hair is prized, hair loss and thinning can be devastating.    Hair thinning is a common side effect of growing older. According to studies, up to 50% of women over the age of 50 will experience hair loss. Unfortunately, many of us are predisposed to hair loss due to a hereditary predisposition known as androgenetic alopecia.    “As we age, overall density changes, and individual strands become finer,” explained dermatologist Doris J. Day.    Before you silently accept your follicle-deprived fate, here are some methods that have been shown to reduce the rate of hair loss.

  1. Choosing a balanced and nutritious diet is vitally important to hair growth. Hair and nails are the last to be fed from the nutrients you put in your body so it is important that you are getting all of the nutrients your body needs, and than some. Sometimes it is impossible to eat enough food to feed your hair, that is why we recommend a supplement.
  2. Sometimes the efforts to hide hair loss can be the very thing contributing to its departure. Heated styling products can cause damaged hair and breakage, which can appear like baldness. We recommend limiting heated hair styling when trying to regrow your hair.
  3. A scalp massage. Blood flow to the scalp is important in revitalizing your follicles. Not only that, but stress releases cortisol which is a chemical that is know to cause hair loss and what better way to deal with stress than a massage.