Fend Off The Fallout

Dwindling ponytail? If your patience with hair loss is growing thin, we’ve got a knockout combo to battle baldness. Talk to an UluRx medical professional on how to remedy thinning hair so you’ll be good to grow.

Distressed over hair loss and thinning hair, know how to regrow!

Want the skinny on how to hang on to your hair and start regrowing? Check-out these three show-stopping products that will boost your hair regrowth.

UluLife Complete Multivitamin

UluLife Complete Multivitamin for Women – Hair Skin Nails Formula with Women’s Immune Support Blend – Zinc, Calcium Vitamin D3, Hyaluronic Acid, Turmeric Dietary Supplement, 90 capsules/1 month supply

$25.99 - $29.99

UluLife Vegan Multivitamin

Ulu Ultimate Vegan Iron Free Women’s Multivitamin – Nature’s nutritious goodness packed into a little capsule naturally crafted to specifically offer the best hair, skin and nails support. The ultimate game-changer for ladies If your daily diet needs to achieve THE optimum balance. A complete mix of vegan vitamins for women boasts the essential nutrients cells crave. Nourish your mind, body, and soul from the inside out. With an advanced Female Support Blend selected by herbalists including key extracts of Wild Yam Root, Red Clover Blossom, Cranberry fruit, and Alpha Lipoic Acid we have formed a spot-on whole food supplement for women! Herbal antioxidant and energy sources help you reboot yourself while staying safe from gelatin, artificial flavors, and colors. Rely on Mother Earth’s finest extracts of Hawthorne Berry, Cinnamon, Bilberry, Grapeseed, and Black Currant instead. Made by a woman for women everywhere. This exclusive formula was born from our founder’s own struggle with thinning hair and hair loss. Sourced entirely from PURE plants and vegetables, our recipe works. Period. 100% drug-free and without allergens such as caffeine, soy, gluten, peanuts, yeast and dairy. Made in an FDA approved facility in Tempe, Arizona.

$36.99 - $39.99

Regrow Supplements

Formulated with 49 active ingredients, UluRx targets thinning hair with proven supplements like biotin (thickens hair, stimulates growth), saw palmetto, keratin (the protein that hair is made of), pantothenic acid (promotes hair growth), marine collagen (strengthens skin and hair follicles), hyaluronic acid (increases moisture) and resveratrol (a potent antioxidant). At UluRx, we understand that to regrow hair, we must nourish the body with the right nutrients.

$36.99 - $39.99


According to Harvard Medical School, hair loss impacts ¼ of women at some point in their lives. If you’re ready to get smart about putting hair back in its place we’ve concocted a winning combination based on our first hand fight with thinning hair.

  • Minoxidil – Custom compound applied to the scalp to stimulate growth
To discuss a customized plan to go from flat to full book a virtual visit with a licensed medical professional in the UluRx fam.

This medication requires a prescription.

We will compound and dispense only upon receipt of a valid patient specific prescription from a licensed practitioner.

$69.99 - $189.99

Scalp Massager

Our hair scalp massager feels fabulous as it gently exfoliates and cleans your scalp. It helps to prevent hair thinning and encourages faster hair growth from a clean, healthy, stimulated scalp. Our soft silicone hair scalp massager relaxes and reduces stress.

  • Use wet or dry! Use in the shower as a shampoo brush with our comfortable easy-grip handle.
  • Safe and clean to use! Our soft and sturdy silicone bristles gently stimulates your scalp.


Had it with hair loss? We have you covered

We are no strangers to treating hair loss with vigor. Our potent three-step approach starts with a video chat with a licensed medical professional. From there you’ll receive a customized treatment plan and prescription developed just for you and delivered to your door.

Say hello, smooth operator

Virtual Visit

Get facetime with a licensed provider and get results. During your 15-minute, $15 online consultation, you’ll discuss your needs, share a few photos, and receive an accurate diagnosis.

Customized Treatment

A licensed compounding pharmacist will develop the skincare solution that’s right for you – whether that’s a prescription-strength treatment for wrinkles and fine lines or an over-the-counter solution.

Shipped Straight to you

Skip the trip to the pharmacy! Regularly receive your treatment – without fail and without lifting a finger. We even offer autoship to automatically deliver your products to your doorstep. No brainer!

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