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Struggling with oily skin? Here are the do’s and don’ts:

  • DO wash your face every morning, evening, and after you exercise. 
  • DO use products labeled “oil free” and “noncomedogenic.” This means that these products don’t have ingredients that will clog your pores.
  • DO use a gentle face wash. This is our favorite dermatologist-recommended face wash.
  • DON’T use oil-based or alcohol-based cleansers. They can irritate your skin!
  • DO use moisturizer daily. Even if you have oily skin, it is important to keep your skin hydrated by applying moisturizer.
  • DO wear sunscreen.
  • DO choose oil-free, water-based makeup products.
  • DON’T sleep with makeup on.
  • DO use oil-blotting sheets throughout the day. 
  • DON’T touch your face throughout the day. It’s hard, but it will keep your face so much cleaner!

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