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Can postpartum and pregnancy affect hair loss?

Hey there, new moms! Congratulations. I’m the mom of two healthy, happy boys. But sometimes there are little things we don’t expect when we have a baby. After I had my second son, I lost a lot of hair. Hair loss after pregnancy? It happens. You may be struggling with postpartum hair loss as well. 

If you are talking to your doctor, look at your nutrition. Make sure you’re getting supplements. You want a whole-body supplement and then maybe a hair supplement as well. On top of that, our product has both. Make sure if you’re nursing that you’ve talked to your doctor about it. You can also look at the ingredients on the package to make sure it’s safe for you. You may want to try some topicals or not. We wouldn’t suggest anything when you’re still nursing. If you’re not nursing and you’re in postpartum, and you want to get your hair back. You may want to take a look at our product. Take a look at the ingredients. And look forward to fabulous hair and congratulations on the little one.