Distressed over hair loss and thinning hair, know how to regrow!

Want the skinny on how to hang on to your hair and start regrowing? Schedule a virtual visit with a licensed medical professional for $15 and we’ll take $15 off your personalized prescription treatment.

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  • Virtual Visit

    Get facetime with a licensed provider and get results. During your 15-minute, $15 online consultation, you’ll discuss your needs, share a few photos, and receive an accurate diagnosis.

  • Customized Hair Loss Treatment

    A licensed compound pharmacist will develop the haircare solution that’s right for you – whether that’s a prescription-strength treatment for hair loss or an over-the-counter fix.

  • Shipped Straight to you

    Skip the trip to the pharmacy! Regularly receive your treatment – without fail and without lifting a finger. We even offer autoship to automatically deliver your products to your doorstep. No brainer!

Learn more about how this whole Ulu thing works when it comes to treating hair loss.