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TikTok Try Me Bundle

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What’s Included

Face - Ulu Collagen Constructor

Ulu Ultimate Daily Supplement

Hand Sanitizer Gift

Pillow Case Gift

Microfiber Washing Headset Gift

Pill Container Gift

  • UluRx Collagen Constructor for Face – 90 day custom prescription strength face formula to build collagen and glow skin – 30ml
  • UluRx Ultimate Regrow Complete Hair and Health – 30 day supply – 180 capsules
  • UluRx Satin Pillowcase – Gray satin standard size 1 pillowcase
  • UluRx Wash Set – Headband and 2 matching wristbands
  • UluRx Badass Grannie Hand Sanitizer – 1 pack. Irresistible! Pure Lavender Oil in 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

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