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Amazing results!!!
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Throughout the year I typically have seasons of shedding. Nothing big, just a week or 2 where I lose more hair than normal. But about 6 months ago, I started shedding more than usual… for longer than usual. My hairstylist recommended several treatments, I started taking hair vitamins (I tried several different brands), and I started massaging my scalp. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to work. And then a friend recommended Ulu. I reluctantly ordered it and I am so happy that I did. I have been using Ulu for just over a month and already my results have been nothing short of amazing. The shedding has completely stopped, and I actually have new growth around my edges. An extra bonus is that I now have tons of energy!
Finally! Regrowth of my receding hairline!!
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I have always had super thick hair. It was one of my best physical attributes. After a stressful life as a pharmacist and the birth of my three kids, I had lost at least 1/3 to 1/2 of my hair. My hair had receded in the crown area, and I no longer wanted to wear my hair half up. After only two months of taking the Ulu supplements and enrolling in their new prescription women’s hair growth program, I have started sprouting new hairs like crazy. You can see in the picture all the new baby hairs! I would definitely recommend this product to any woman that wants to get back her beautiful hair. Thanks Ulu!!
Melissa Terese
Absolutely amazing!!
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I’ve been dealing with thinning hair for quite some time and have tried many different vitamins and medicated shampoos. Nothing seemed to be helping. Until I found Ulu! Although it’s only been 1 month, I can already see the difference! New hair growth is thicker and shinier. And an added bonus is that my nails are also growing faster and stronger as well! Thinning hair is a difficult thing to deal with as a female. The way this product comes packaged makes it feel like a little treat for yourself, not the typical boring sterile supplement. As a busy working mom I appreciate the single dose packs. I toss a few in my purse to take while I’m on the go. I am extremely pleased with the results from this product and highly recommend it!
Sara Woodward
Transformation in a pill
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I bought this supplement because a friend of mine uses this line and her hair has been transformed!!! She has about three times as much hair as before! It’s been almost a month since I bought my supplements, and I am starting to see a difference in growth already. I can’t wait to see more results in a month or two, will update
Ginger C
Noticeable new hair growth in 1.5 months!
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I have had AMAZING results with new hair growth in just 1.5-2 months! You can see some of the new growth popping up in the picture. I have also noticed that my eyelashes have grown as well as my nails! I love the individual packets which make it easy when traveling or on the go. I highly recommend this product
Chris Johnson
So excited to be using this - and it's so pretty!
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I ordered this on a whim, but was so pleasantly surprised when it arrived. The packaging was both beautiful and inspiring. It's been super simple to get started and I can't wait for the results!
Peter Guyer
Healthy, shiny and FULL locks
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Fab.U.Lous. Ulu is a product that was recommended to me by a friend who has been using it for over a year. Her hair was noticeably fuller and shiny. I’ve been using it for 6 months and LOVE the results. The applicator makes it easy to apply just the right amount with no wastage. Also, the nutrients increase the efficacy of program. I love the way my hair feels, looks and styles. I have recommended this product to many friends (and have purchased it for as gifts).
G. Keeley
Quality product for hair loss
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Ulu is a great hair product that I would highly recommend. If you have loss of hair or your hair is thinning, this product will do wonders in a short period of time. I had tried everything to get my hair to grow and nothing seemed to work until I tried Ulu. I have received so many compliments on my hair recently, it's very exciting to see my hair to grow again.
E. Hall
It has thickened wife’s hair in 30 days
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So my wife has been using this product for over a month and she is already seeing a difference! I can’t believe it’s as simple as taking these vitamins twice daily. That maybe the hardest thing about getting my wife’s hair thicker. Lol, she sometimes forgets but still sees a big difference. We will keep using this product and update the review.
Derek Gilbert
~Superior Product!
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I am so pleased that Ulu is now on Amazon! This product is far superior than anything on the market. I've seen remarkable growth over the period I've been using it and love the convenience of ordering it on prime.
Suzie H.
~Brilliant product!
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I bought it for my dad and his hair is starting to grow back he loves it!
Jonathan W.
Grew hair for my dad
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I bought it for my dad and his hair is starting to grow back he loves it!
Cassandra Strand
The only one of these types of products I've ever noticed any improvement with
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I don't usually put much stock in vitamins and supplements. Usually the results I notice are either negligibly or there's no noticeable results. I know that you usually have to try something like this for about 3 months before you see a noticeable difference too. That's why I really appreciate that when I was given the opportunity to try and review these supplements they actually came with a 3 month supply. I had always had pretty thick full hair. When I was younger I could barely put it in a hair binder as I couldn't get it around my hair without them breaking or being extremely tight or very loose. It was thick enough I could barely close my hand around it if I tried to pull it back in a ponytail. Then maybe 10-15 years ago, sometime after I had my first two kids I had noticed my hair started thinning and slowly receding and it's always bothered me but it got thin enough that pulled together it wasn't even as thick as the diameter of a quarter. I've started to feel particularly self conscious about my hair too. As a Muslim I cover my hair in public so most people don't know or see it but when I went to take my passport photo they make you pull your hijab back to the hairline and I had to pull it so far back that it was rather uncomfortable and when I look at that picture I cry and that's the picture everyone has to look at when I travel. It makes me look like a bald man with a scarf on… it's very bad and depressing. I know they aren't known for taking great photos but I've never had a government photo that made me cry before. I didn't have high hopes for this set but I figured trying it couldn't hurt. It came in a medium sized white cardboard box that looks a little like a small pastry box. Inside it was wrapped in tissue paper with a sticker that said "Hello Gorgeous!" Opening that there were two little paper roses (to be honest they may be some sort of soap but, I couldn't tell they feel a little like soap sheets I've used in my washer but, they have no scent). The boxes are padded all around with tissue paper and though I didn't see it mentioned elsewhere mine came with what I believe is a scalp massaging brush. I don't really like it, I dislike the way it pulls my hairs and find it it pulls hairs out of my head and hurts but I've used it in the shower while applying conditioner which seems to lubricate it enough to not pull my hairs out so much. My husband loves this brush and says it feels so good on his scalp so it may just be a personal like/dislike thing. The boxes of the pills themselves aren't particularly impressive they are just plain looking boxes nothing special about them, they serve their purpose and list the name and nutrition facts. The pills are individually packaged into clear plastic bags with 3 pills a bag and you are supposed to take this twice a day (6 pills in a day). I actually don't care for the individual packaging to be honest. I find it really wasteful and would prefer to have less packaging, especially less plastic. However I know for some this is a huge convenience thing. I prefer to just put mine in a reusable pill box if I need to take them with me. These don't taste good and I wish it was less pills to swallow. It does recommend taking with food and a full glass of water which I do but they do give me burps and those taste just like the pills. It's better if I take them in the middle of my meal where I eat something that the pills then eat some more but it still happens either way. As I mentioned earlier I didn't expect much from these and the taste, quantity per does, and burping were not improving my opinion of it but sure enough a little after a month from the time I started using this, I noticed more new hair growth. I also felt like it was coming in thicker. My Eyelashes were starting to look fuller and there was a noticeable difference in the look of my nails towards the base. I wasn't looking for a fix for my nails they always have been really weak and break, crack, and peel very easily. They never grow out and always have been short and have hardly tips. After 3 months of this (well almost I've a few days left) my hair feels like it's growing again, it's coming in thicker again. My nails seem to have improved (I've got a few months before we'll really see how different they are since they only about half way out since starting these) and even my eyelashes are looking thicker and fuller. It's really rare that a product surprises me but, this went from a rather unassuming product that I didn't have high hopes for to something that really shocked me in how well it worked. Price wise it's about the same or less than most hair regrowth vitamins and supplements I've seen. It ends up being about $1 a day. If you are experiencing hair thinning and hair loss and can afford $1 a day… definitely try this. Don't only try it for a month though you need to start with the 90 days and see it through. If after that you don't notice anything maybe it doesn't work for you but you won't see results with a 30 day supply
Hair Supplement that WORKS!
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I started using this supplement about 3 months postpartum because of the significant hair loss I had after I had my baby. I’ve been taking this for 6 months now and I have complete hair regrowth that is just over 2 inches long. My hair is growing faster than it ever has, it is coming in full replacing all the hair I lost after my baby and the new hair is the healthiest. This is the best hair supplement I have ever used with significant results that I am able to see.
CoCo's Mom
Great product
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Go all the way and get the 90 day supply. It will take about 1 and a half months before you see a difference in your hair. Nail growth sooner. But, if you have lost hair, you will do many things to give it the appearance of thicker hair. Do something that works.
Amazon Customer
Worth it! Saw a difference !!
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I ordered 30 day supply as a friend had recommended them as she had tried them and was still taking the vitamins. She has had awesome results. I actually asked her the last time we had lunch what she was doing because her hair looked so great! I just ordered more too because my husband noticed a week ago my hair was looking shinier and fuller. Have to say the packaging was very nice and I love the fact the vitamins are packaged in daily recommended doses so I can throw it in my purse and not forget to take them . So far ????????????
The Dose Packaging makes it super easy to stay true to your daily supplements.
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One of the things I really LOVE about this product is how convenient it is. The dose packaging makes it so easy to take along with you during a busy day so I never miss a dose. The results are incredible. My hair has grown in so thick and shiny.
Amanda Cerjeski
Great hair! Update!
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I cannot wait to try this product!!!! I have seen some amazing results! And, I’m looking forward to great hair!!!! Now that I’ve been using it for a few months, I’ve had new growth and my hair is growing so quickly as well!!!!
~Still seeing BIG results 6 months later!
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I’ve been using this product for about 6 months now and my hairstylist is shocked at how much growth I continue to have when I go see her every 6 weeks. My nails and skin are also looking healthier! I cannot say enough about this product.
Paul S.
Feel good and having success!
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Simple to use and understand, delivering noticeable results in less than a month. I am very pleased!
D. R.
Amazing results!
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My dermatologist commented that my hair was thinning on top but still full in the back. A pattern that she said was typical for people in their 40s (sigh). A friend mentioned that she had a massage client who had been using a new product and now had twice the amount of hair that she used to have, so I found out what the product was and ordered it. You won't see a big difference right away so be patient (after all, hair takes a while to grow). After about 30 days you will see new growth, and after 90 days you will have a noticeable difference. Also these include your daily vitamins, so that is a nice bonus and helps offset the price. I asked the seller and she said it is recommended to use it long term to maintain your luscious new locks (like a plant that needs to be watered daily, your hair needs these vitamins to continue to remain that healthy).
GP Alaska
Very effective!
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I have been using this supplement for 15 days and while that isn't enough time to evaluate its effectiveness for hair growth, I can definitely recommend it for the positive effects it's had on my skin. I have seen in the past that many hair vitamins also improve the condition of my skin and this one definitely is a good one. I think collagen is the most important thing for hair growth and anti-aging benefits and I really like that this one contains marine collagen. I stopped taking collagen supplements after using them for 2+ years and almost immediately my hair began to thin out. I stopped eating meat and poultry and I didn't bother looking for a replacement for the beef collagen I had been getting. When you take a supplement for a long time you tend to forget the effect it had, until you stop using it! This supplement has marine collagen (no meat or poultry), along with saw palmetto, keratin, and DHT Blocker which makes it even more complete and therefore more effective. This Healthcraft supplement is worth taking for a lifetime if you want to keep your hair and skin looking young and healthy as you age. You'll notice a positive effect on your skin very quickly and after 2-3 months you will see a LOT of new hair growth! I definitely would recommend this to anyone for anti-aging benefits and hair loss.
Andrea Atilano
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It’s finally been 4 weeks and I just finished the box of vitamins, I do have to say these do not have collagen according to the list of ingredients listed on the box. These vitamins do have many of the essential nutrients for hair growth. I did notice my hair grew about 1.25 inches this month. My nails grew like crazy and also eyebrows, leg hair, etc. These are good, I did like how they are distributed into two doses throughout the day.
Melina Saucedo
I've tried several hair growth vitamins and this one worked!
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I cannot wait to try this product!!!! I have seen some amazing results! And, I’m looking forward to great hair!!!! Now that I’ve been using it for a few months, I’ve had new growth and my hair is growing so quickly as well!!!!
Virginia Allain
Allow Time to See Progress
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I wasn't sure if I'd be able to see a difference but knowing that my hair was not as thick as 5 or 10 years ago, I wanted to try for improvement. Even after taking this for weeks, I wasn't sure if there was progress. Now that more time has passed, I can see that it is helping. The capsules are packaged in daily plastic packs which seems a little wasteful. Maybe that is to make them seem more special or maybe there's an actual reason like keeping them dry. Some of the ingredients like saw palmetto and biotin are available to take individually but it is convenient to have them all together in this.
Texas Mama
In just a month I've noticed a difference!
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Pretty amazing little supplements. I've been taking for about a month and can feel all the new little hairs growing out my scalp. I forget to take the pm dose often, but consistently taken the morning dose. The portions are pre-packaged; 3 per packet. And all packets come lined up in a compact box. Very classy handwritten note included, thanking me for order and contact info if I had any questions.