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Get glowing skin with
tretinoin cream.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Customized eye, face and body tretinoin cream keeps you glowing head to toe. Delivered to your door.
Pharmacist Explains: Retinol vs. Tretinoin
Watch this video and you will stop buying off the shelf retinols.

Enhance the Real You.

With The Powerhouse Proven Prescription Strength Ingredient:

Tretinoin also known as Retin-A.

Discover How Prescription Strength Tretinoin Can Bring A Glow To Your Face, Body and Undereye.

Tired of buying expensive department and drugstore products that are priced in the hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars?

Tired of reading the fine print carefully and noticing that it says improves the “appearance“ of fine lines and wrinkles but not the skin itself?

Hmmmmmm? Why do they say it that way?

Because the product does not improve your skin. It may plump it for a short period of time with dimethicone and other products. But your skin is not improving.

That’s why UluRx “reverse engineers” all our products. What does that mean? We go out and find the science first. We make sure the science and independent testing says our formulations work. Then and only then, do we customize them just for you in our Legitscript certified pharmacy. Wow!

It gets better. They often cost less than the drugstore and almost always cost less than the department store.

Proven ingredients, Legitscript certified pharmacy and dedicated professionals.

Welcome to the best skin of your life!

Get your own customized tretinoin cream with a free medical consultation.

No more going to a doctor’s office for a prescription.
Make it easy on yourself.

For Your Eyes Only
$119.00  –  $107.99
Every 3 months
Body – Crepe Erase
$169.00  –  $152.99
Every 3 months
Face – Ulu Collagen Constructor
$99.00  –  $89.99
Every 3 months
Hit Refresh
$350.97  –  $315.87
Every 3 months

Customized for you.

It begins with a prescription strength tretinoin cream.

This is How it works: Our Team of licensed professionals work with you to create the perfect customized cream.

(Hint: Think Cold Stone Creamery.
Pick your base and then add some goodies.)

Start with the collagen-building powerhouse tretinoin cream that is the right strength for the job

Fully customize with “add ins” to combat skin issues and improve your skin.

Shipped Straight To You Skip the trip to the pharmacy! Regularly receive your treatment – without fail and without lifting a finger.

Add Ins Available

Add in #1 Niacimamide

A topical B vitamin.
Improves fines lines, wrinkles & hyperpigmentation. Hydrates. Reduces acne & redness.

Add in #2: Hyaluronic acid

Occurs naturally in the body.
Increases skin moisture.
Reduces the appearance of fine lies &wrinkles.

Add in #3: Salicylic Acid

A beta hydroxy acid.
Efoliates skin.
Keeps pores clear.
Reduces acne.

Add in #4: Hydroquinone

Lightens melasma, sunspots, freckles and age spots.

Add in #5: Kojic Acid

Derived from mushrooms.
Lightens sunspots & age spots.
Reduces appearance of scarring.

Add in #6: Azelaic Acid

Reduces pimples & blackheads.
Improves rosacea.
Lightens melasma.

Add in #7: Phytonadione

A form of vitamin K.
Improves cell turnover.
Protects collagen.

Add in #8: Caffeine

Reduces inflammation.
Brightens skin.

Add in #9: Any ingredient you need

UluRx will customize 100% to your needs.

Consistent use of Customized Products Leads to Beautiful Skin.
BONUS: The Pharmacy comes to you!
Why Prescription Strength Tretinoin is a better investment.

Our happy customers!

Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve helped thousands of women across America restore their hair and make their skin glow!

People stop me and ask “what do you use on your skin?”
UluRx. It works. Love this Company.
-Sara Wilson, NP-
At first, I was skeptical

My skin is the best it has ever been! I will never stop using this product!

-Britney Calc.-

*Specific results are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.

Ready to go with products that actually work and embrace the best skin of your life?

UluRx is on a mission to help women get the beautiful, glowing skin they desire. We decided to do the research and ditch the guesswork after growing tired of using products that did not work.
We're committed to helping you get radiant, dewey skin that is, well, just so sexy.
Consistent use of Customized Products Leads to Beautiful Skin.

BONUS: The Pharmacy comes to you!

Why Prescription Strength Tretinoin is a better investment.

Get your own customized tretinoin cream with a free live medical consultation.

No more going to a doctor’s office for a prescription.

Make it easy on yourself.

Another Happy Customer!

Melissa Uses the Customized tretinoin and UluRx Multivitamins Plus Hair Skin Nails

“I’ve had great skin my whole life, but since I entered my mid 30’s I’ve been struggling with adult acne. Hormones? I’ve tried every topical solution that various friends have recommended (face washes, toners, lotions, etc), and I’ve even tried getting facials and peels. Nothing has been able to calm my angry skin; and the acne is the deep, cystic kind that hurts. In April I changed 2 things in my skin routine, I added started using UluRx tretinoin and taking the UluRx Ultimate Hair Vitamins. Hair, skin and nails are all connected, so when a friend recommended that I give them a try, I thought, “why not, it can’t hurt.” You can look at a photo of my face in 2 months ago vs. a photo today. I’m not 100% clear, but it’s the best improvement that I’ve had since my acne started a few years ago and it’s the only relief I’ve been able to find. Personally, I feel like it’s been a HUGE success for my skin- I am more comfortable and confident with my skin today. I am grateful to my friend for recommending Ulu!
~ Melissa Ainsworth


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