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Are you following a strict skincare routine and still not seeing results? You may be using the correct products, but in the wrong order! Follow this order to get the most out of your skincare.

1. Cleanse: Products are ineffective without a clean base to start! Cleanse your skin first with a gentle cleanser and pat completely dry. Wait 5 minutes so pores are opened and ready to absorb skincare products.

2. Treatment: Apply your desired treatment, like our Custom Face Cream.

3. Moisturize: Apply moisturizer generously to seal in the products and prevent dry skin. Massage with fingertips to work the moisturizer in.

4. Eye Cream: Apply your desired eye cream or eye treatment, like our Custom Eye Cream.

5. Protect: Daily use of sunscreen is essential to maximize results! Finish off your routine with The Day Cream, a mineral SPF 50 sunscreen that helps prevent sun damage. Apply half a teaspoon to the face & neck areas, rubbing in thoroughly for adequate coverage.

Now that you know the correct order for your skincare routine, it’s time to purchase the right products! UluRx has affordable and effective prescription skincare for all skin concerns and skin types.

Add UluRx treatments to your skincare routine today!

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