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Scalp Massage For Hair Growth

Scalp massage for hair growth? You betcha! Why? First, it exfoliates the scalp and follicles. We get rid of all the dead skin and old hair products for a healthy scalp. Opened-up follicles mean that hair’s going to push through. Second, blood flow, if you have better blood flow to the scalp and the follicles …

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Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

How To Do An At-Home Coconut Oil Hair Treatment What kind of coconut oil should you use for this coconut oil hair treatment? I just use whatever I’ve got. First, pre-shampoo and let your hair dry. Then rub the coconut oil between your hands until it becomes a spreadable texture. Once it is an applicable …

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Alcohol And Hair Loss

Today we’re going to talk about alcohol and hair loss. You all may not want to hear this, but I think it will be helpful. I adore a great glass of wine. So there is no judgment here, just information. First of all, we are going to start with what is excessive alcohol use? Excessive …

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Hair Wellness

Hair is an indicator of your overall wellness. Has your hair has changed dramatically? Are you experiencing more hair fall or hair loss? Has your hair texture changed? Does it take less time to style your hair?  Most of the time it’s your nutrition. Sometimes it is stress. It could be a combination of factors. …

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