Why Fish Oil is Good for Your Hair.

Why are we talking about fish? The nutrients in fish are so crucial to hair growth. No, I’m not crazy about fish. Sorry. I don’t like eating it that much. I try to eat the lighter tasting fish at least once or twice a week. But when I don’t, I make sure that I take supplements with the fish oils I need for fabulous hair. I don’t really like fish, but I love what they did over here with my hair.

But, seriously, fish are rich in omega-3 which has anti-inflammatory properties. This oil, or fatty acid, helps reduce inflammation in the hair follicles which helps them open up. This means they can grow hair more healthily. Also, this will help reduce hair loss. As an added bonus it will prevent dry, flaky scalps.

If you want more information about omega-3 and other nutritional tips to grow hair and reduce hair loss keep looking out for our blogs.

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